Monday, February 12, 2007

More Middle School Accolades!

In addition to the WMC meet this past Saturday for the high schoolers, there was the Southern Maine Middle School Championships at Pineland. I previously commented on the State Middle School Championships Friday in Rumford. On Saturday, Sam Humphries and Rachel Hall won both the skate and classical races! Awesome job again you two!

I skied with Nate Niles on Sunday. He commented that Cole, his Wayneflete coach, noticed that the Cape skiers gained lots of time Saturday on the flats and downhills. We discussed ways to ski the downhills more effectively and worked on the alternate V2 gear. We discussed the importance of bringing the hands up higher in order to extend more from the hips and to get more power on the poles. At the Weston Ski Sprints last Saturday, we noticed how the top skiers brought their hands high at all times whether in alternate V2 orV2. To visualize this, take a look at the latest video Note how high the skiers reach, there is a reason why Justin Beckwith is so fast! What’s nice is that this is a simple habit to integrate into your technique that has tangible benefits. Also notice in the first heat of the semi's, MCN's own Lucas Milliken got some good air play! Looking good Lucas!

Take a look at my email later today about the Eastern Cup this weekend.

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