Thursday, September 29, 2011

The MCN Board of Directors has decided that it is not possible to have a Maine Coast Nordic fall or winter program in 2011.  Many factors played into this difficult decision.
Maine Coast Nordic is a community based ski program which is made possible exclusively through the support of participating families.  100% of the program funding comes from the fees paid by participating families.  Any young athlete enthusiastic about Nordic skiing was welcome to participate and we take great pride in having seen some of the best skiers in the State training with and mentoring some of the younger skiers new to racing and dry land training.   The program’s many great coaches over the years have helped train Maine State champions, High School & College All-Americans, dozens of other athletes that have gone on to ski in College and a College National Champion.   That said; the program’s greatest achievement has been bringing groups of like minded young athletes together to help make training fun (or more tolerable for some), build camaraderie and a lifelong love of a truly great sport. 
The Southern Maine Nordic community is small.  For the program to work we need athletes and families that are committed to helping to keep the program running.  Unfortunately we have seen too many past participants gravitate towards competing programs and activities and too few new participants and families embrace the program.  In the end the program has become financially unsustainable.   
The Maine Coast Nordic founders developed and built an incredible program that lasted for a decade.  We appreciate the support of all of the families that have helped the program thrive over that period of time.  Maine Coast Nordic will continue to exist in a dormant stage for the time being and could be resurrected if there is ever a desire to do so. 
We wholeheartedly believe that organized group training is more fun and effective than individuals trying to train on their own.  We encourage athletes to seek out group training opportunities, pass on your dedication to the sport onto younger skiers and, most importantly, help others develop a lifelong love of the sport. 
 The few families that have paid their fall 2011 tuition will be fully reimbursed over the next couple of weeks. 
Thanks, the MCN Board of Directors

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wed.  9/28/11      3:30 - 5 PM   Twin Brooks

    45 minute trail run,  5x skate bounding, uphill, 20 minutes core workout.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wednesday  9/21/11     3-5 PM 

   We will meet at Rt. 100 and Long Hill Rd. (between West Cumberland and Gray)
    SK technique roller ski w/ focus on hilltop transitions and accelerating downhill.
   We will also do downhill intervals (low level) as part of the week's speed development.

Saturday   9/24/11   9-11 AM

     Please note the change in weekend days!! I am racing in the Vermont 50 MTB race on Sunday.
Highland Rd. in Freeport will be the meeting point (intersection with Running Hill Rd.)
We will CL ski over distance on the 10km loop, and will shoot for 20km total.
     Our strength work will be done on skis. Please bring high visibility clothing, and lots of water/fuel.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sunday , 9/18

This Sunday we will meet at Pineland.  10-12 AM.  We will CL roller ski for 1.5 hrs.  Focus will be on double pole / kick double pole, with mixed L3 intervals on Penny Rd.  Following the ski, we will get back into circuit training with 45-50 minutes of ski specific core work.  sharpen those ferrules!
   Good luck to all MCN 12 hour mtn bike racers at Bradbury, and all road /trail running competitors.

Time Trial

Hi skiers; a nice blast of cold air to close the week.  Here are results from Wednesday's TT.

  Bruce Hill / Range Rd.  5Km, Skate, 9/14/11
  Conditions: 81 deg., partly cloudy, roads dry, light breeze

Tara Humphries 18:05  (current girl's record)   Sharks
Chester Jacobs   15:19                                       Sharks
Jake Inger           17:42                                      One Way
Jack Elder          15:07  (new course record)     Sharks
Jake Susla           DNF

   Great job by all.  We will continue to work on this course.  Sub 15 minute times are a definite possibility!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hi all; after training on the Eyes for the Pies 10km course on Sunday, we will continue Wed. With a 5km skate TT on the Bruce Hill Loop. Those not wanting to TT can work on uphill technique on the course. Some skiers will try to best their previous time, while others will be looking to challenge Ian Moore's current course record! 9/14/11. 3-5 PM. Meet at Mabel I. Wilson School parking lot, just East of Rt. 9, Cumberland If we have time, we will also do core work after the ski.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall MCN Program Information

Now that school has started we have begun the MCN fall session.  The fall program is split up into two sessions (early/late fall). The early fall session starts as of this week and runs until October 16.  The late fall session starts October 17 and runs until high school ski practices start up. 

Early fall includes two practices a week (Wednesday and Sunday). A focus will be on ski specific technique, speed/intensity development, and strength. 

Late fall includes a return of four practices a week and will have a similar focus with increased intensity as we get closer to the competition season.


Late fall only (Oct. 17- until winter sports begin) - $200 for summer program participants, $320 for all others.
Early fall only (Sept. 7- Oct. 16)- $75
FULL Fall (Sept. 7- until winter sports begin)- $250 for summer program participants, $370 for all others.

If you have any questions contact Coach Yeo,

This Sunday (9/11) we will meet at Pineland for a combo over-distance workout.  The plan is to meet at 9 AM, run or bike the trails at Pineland (whichever you prefer) for 1 hour, classic roll for 1 hour, and wrap up with 20 minutes of strength. We should be done by 11:30AM.