Sunday, February 25, 2007

Practice For the Week of 2/26

I hope everyone had a good vacation.
Here is the schedule for practice this week:

Monday 3:30 at at Oak Hill trailhead..skating

Wed 3:30 at at Oak Hill trailhead..skating/classical

Fri 3:30 at at Oak Hill trailhead..skating
***cancelled, snow storm****


Charlie Humphries said...

Clearly the Maine Coastal Nordic Program is producing strong skiiers. The posted results are the proverbial "proof in the pudding". Congratulations to all skiiers in State meets. Well done! Congratulations to Morgan as well. Your coaching efforts have paid nicely and you should be proud as well as praised for your good work and your great results with these skiiers. A hearty Congrats from all the Humphries and many thanks for making the season not only productive and impressive but a lot of fun.

Charlie Humphries said...


Will you have wax for classical on Wednesday?

Morgan said...

Thanks for the compliment Charlie. I changed the plan on Wednesday to skating. It's definitly klister season until we get some more snow.

Peter said...

Morgan -

Would it be possible to have Weds. Practice be classic? Rachel's BKL race is on Saturday (I don't know if any other MCN kids are going to that) and it is a 4.5km CL - it might be nice for her to get one more day of classic in. I'm guessing the temperatures might be in the mid-30's & corn snow. I can wax up her skis with some VR50 and VR70 klister (I think that will work) if that helps. She and Ruth head up to Trapps on Friday afternoon - I'll be up helping Greely at the EHS qualifier on Saturday. Thanks.

Great skiing out there!