Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Practice Schedule / Canada Participants

Cross Country Runners!
Congratulations to the MCN cross country runners who had tremendous success this last weekend at the State of Maine Cross Country Championships! Many MCN runners will be running on November 10th at Twin Brook, for the New England Cross Country Championships.

Bowdoin Dualathlon (I can never spell this word) – Sunday Practice
This Sunday, November 4th, is the Bowdoin Duathlon race; it will serve as our Sunday practice. It starts in Topsham, the race is an interval start 6k classic time trial that concludes with a 6k trail run. It’s a lot of fun and a great tune-up for the season (real good prizes and raffle items last year). See all details at

Practice: If any parents want to join us for a practice, please feel free.
Practice Schedule for Week starting 11/5:

Tues, Nov 6th: 3:30pm-5:00pm Twin Brook dryland strength

Wed, Nov 7th: 3:30pm-5:00pm Twin Brook Roller-Ski Skate (technique drills)

Thurs, Nov 8th: 3:30pm-5:00pm Twin Brook Roller-Ski Classic (double pole strength)

Friday, Nov 9th: 3:30pm-5:00pm Twin Brook dryland bring poles

Sunday, Nov 11th: 8:00am-10:15am Pineland long Classic Ski with video. Bakery-Video review 10:00-10:15

The plans for Canada are coming together. Here is a list of attendees, please email me if there are any changes ASAP:

Session 1: Sat 11/17- Wed 11/21 (10)
Sam Humphries
Charlie Humphries (driver)
Rachel Hall
Matt Goldstein
Jackson Bloch
Richard Frost (driver)
Amy Lones
Russ Morazzini
Erik D’Agostino
Morgan Laidlaw(driver)
If any other skiers wish to drive, let me know

Session 2: Wed 11/21-Sunday 11/25 (15)
Amy Lones
Molly Susla
Betsy Ham (driver)
Holly Whitney
Adele Espy
Allison Hall
Rachel Hall
Ruth Hall
Peter Hall (driver)
Eliza Milliken
Charlie Woodworth (driver)
Merrie Woodworth
Cam Woodworth
Will Woodworth
Morgan Laidlaw
If any other skiers wish to drive, let me know

More details will be coming out about the trip. For now, I just need to finalize the numbers one more time.

Canada Food Disclaimer:
We are staying at the Stoneham ski area. Meals will not be included with our condos. I’m planning a menu and food logistics. Realize that we’ll need everyone’s assistance with meal preparation. One person can’t do this alone. I plan on dividing the participants into sub groups for meal duty.

MCN Uniforms:
I'm placing an order for MCN uniforms and jackets for the upcoming season. If anyone wants anything, please let me know by this Friday! I'm told that anything ordered by Monday, Nov 5th will ship on December 4th.

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