Wednesday, November 14, 2007

11/14 Update: Canada...Various

MCN Raffle:
A special Thanks is owed to Audrey Lones for organizing the annual MCN raffle that took place last night. This took a lot of effort and greatly benefits the club. Thanks Audrey!

Thursday 11/12 Practice:
I will not be able to attend the Thursday practice this week. The group is encouraged to practice as planned; I just won’t be there. There will not be any Maine Coast Nordic practices in Maine next week.

The snow appears to be holding up well in Canada and more is on the way!! I sent you all a link that hopefully covers the specifics for the trip.

Some various things to remember:

**For the trip, please have a check made out to the Coastal Nordic Ski Club for $278.87 for the four day session and $520.51 for the full week session. If we come under this, I’ll get you a refund. I tried to be as equitable as possible in figuring out the costs. For drivers: please see the amount that you owe for the trip, I left out gas since you're driving. Coach Disclaimer!: Please keep in mind that if I missed several costs, I may ask you for more money at the end of the trip. I apologize in advance if this happens, hopefully everything is accurate.

**Print out the border crossing instructions (I attached one on the email). Have the permission slip signed and your identification ready for the crossing!

**If you plan to ski in Canada with your roller-ski poles, make sure that you remove the roller-ski tips and add snow baskets. Do bring your roller-ski tips in case we need them.

**Remove any summer wax on your skis, have them ready to ski, I would recommend any soft warm weather wax as a start

**For Saturday departures: We plan to leave Twin Brook at 7am, the hope is to travel to Quebec and ski on Saturday afternoon. If skiing Saturday PM is impossible, we may hike. Check-in time at Stoneham is 5pm

**For Wednesday departures: Please call my cell at 207-841-1320 or send me an email if you think that you will arrive in time to ski on Wednesday. The Hall party plans to ski Wednesday.

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