Monday, January 14, 2008

Free Heelers

Pictured Above are future MCN skiers Kellan Humphries, Ian Moore, and John Burgess after the Middle School race at Twin Brook last week, missing is Rhyder Bennell

There is a new up and coming group of ski racers tearing up the middle school race scene in Southern Maine this Winter. The newly formed Free Heelers are Cumberland Youth Skiing Alumni who are fired up to be ski racers! They're not able to race on their middle school teams yet but they are able to race as an independent club at middle school races. I'm hoping to meet with them on Wednesdays during the season.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great coaching!
we have another skate race Thursday.
Could you help us again with skate ski racing on wednesday?


Thank you so much for coaching us.

see you wednesday

John said...

Live Strong Ian! I'm enjoying watching your success all the way from California!!!
Uncle Johnny

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