Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Hampshire Eastern Cup

Saturday-Freestyle Silver Fox Trot Oak Hill, Hanover, NH
Individual starts at 30-second intervals
11:00 J2 boys 5k: Nate Niles 5km
11:30 J2 girls 5k and women: Rachel Hall
11:30 J1 women 5k: Holly Whitney, Melanie Ross

Wax Prep: Saturday morning between 9:00-9:30
Weather for Saturday:
Chance of Snow Friday night. Highs Saturday 30-32
Glide Wax recomendation for Sat: Swix HF 8 or LF 8
Sunday - Classic Cheri Walsh Memorial Holderness School, Holderness, NH
Classic Mass Start Race.
J2 Boys & girls and women 7.5km
10:30 start J2 boys-Nate Niles wax prep Sunday morning at 8:30

11:00 All J1 Women & J2 Girls Rachel Hall, Holly Whitney, Adele Espy
wax prep Sunday morning at 9:00

Wax Prep: Sunday morning –Outside of the Holderness field house.
weather for Sunday:
Glide Wax for Sunday: Swix HF10 or LF10

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