Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Awesome job at States

Through the first two days of the Maine State Ski Championships, MCN skiers have had terrific results. Here are some MCN highlights from the Class C girls race on Monday:

1. Adele Espy (congrats on a state title!)
3. Holly Whitney
6. Molly Susla
7. Melanie Ross
17. Eliza Milliken

In the boys, Nate Niles finished 8th with summer MCN skier Henry Loughlin in 14th.

Yesterday was the Class A State Championship. Greely, in their first season in Class A, dominated the womens field! The Greely girls took the first three spots, this really shows the strength of skiing in Southern Maine.

Here are the MCN results from the girls field:
1. Amy Lones (Congrats Amy on a state title!)
2. Rachel Hall
3. Allison Hall

Deidre Lambert finished 30th as the lone Chevrus skier. Summer MCN skier, Linnea Tilberg, showed great improvement this year, finised 34th for Mt. Ararat.

Here are the MCN highlights from the Class A boys races yesterday:

9th Russ Morazzini
17th Sam Humphrhies

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