Saturday, February 23, 2008

Photos From Saturday

Tough Photo, but above is Melanie Ross. This Stratton skier caught Melanie, she put 1:30 on Melanie. For some, this could be soul destroying. Rather than remain complacent, Melanie passed the Stratton girl just after the photo and put 100 yards on her in the last 1/3 of a k. Way to hang tough Melanie!
The Pit Area
Holly holding a powerful position at the start
Nate feeling the burn at 4k

No official results for today other than Nate Niles finished 10th in the J2 race today at Hanover. Here are a few photos. It was a beautuful day, fresh courdory with a firm layer of old snow underneath. Everyone was a little tired with the state races this week. In addition, Hanover is the toughest course on the circuit. Brutal, but it builds character.

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