Monday, February 11, 2008

Week of 2/11 Update

Good luck at WMC's today!

Four MCN skiers completed in the VT Prospect/Vermonth Academy Eastern Cup this weekend. Saturday was the freestyle at Prospect Mountain. Prosepct is an old ski area turned nordic center. It was a rolling course with one major climb and a high speed hairpin corner. Conditions were perfect. In the 10k mass start event Holly Whitney and Adele Espy put in a great effort. Adele, after leading a lot of the second lap, finished in third place! She finished fourth overall. Holly put in a great effort as well finishing in 21st.

Here is some random footage from Saturday:
Sunday was the biggest wax challenge I've seen as a coach. New wet heavy snow, icy tracks, with areas of powder, and heavy snow fall during the race. You had to pick you poison, klister with snow bunching up on the downhills or hardwax with little kick. Three chose the latter, lesson learned, it's always better to have kick. In the J2 boys race, Nate Niles and Sam Humphries finised 12th and 15th respectively. In the J1 race, Adele and Holly finished 5th and 19th respectively.

Good luck in your last full week of training before States! Take the easy days easy and get lots of rest.

MCN Practice this week: Saturday, 2/16, 9-10:30am, Pineland - Oak Hill trailhead technique: freestyle

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Carl Ducci said...

You da man coach! Thought to look you up at the MCN site for some reason. Hope you are doing well. Looks like you have quite a team going. I am coaching 30+ Billy Kochers.......that plan on kickin' some butt some day!