Sunday, September 14, 2008

Susla Preparing for Biathlon WC'S

Molly Susla, a Maine Coast Nordic Veteran, qualified for the World Summer Biathlon Championships this year for the second year in a row. This is a great opportunity for Molly and her trip to France is well deserved. Good Luck Molly! We can't wait to hear about your trip! Here are some responses to her upcoming trip:
How did you qualify for Summer Biathlon WC?
Mike Yeo, Joel Hinshaw, and Tiki Humphries drove Kaitlyn Bernard (from Fort Kent) and myself down to Pennsylvania for Summer Biathlon National Championships. We competed in three races. The first race was a Mass Start on Friday the 18th of July. We ran a 5K race, shooting 4 times (or in between each 1K). I had thirteen penalties which means I missed thirteen out of twenty shots, but remained in second place because I ran well. That race I also finished first junior. On Saturday the 19th of July, we raced a 3K sprint with only two shooting stages. I finished first, shooting five out of ten shots. This finish set me up well for the pursuit race the following day. I got to start first, 1 minute and 7 seconds ahead of the next person. I kept my lead, and finished first junior again, qualifying for World Championships!

You went to world championships last year, what's your perspective going back for a second year in a row?
I am definitely not as nervous, and know what to expect. I also have way more experience under my belt than I did last year and feel more confident in my ability to race biathlon. I am so excited to be going to France this year!

Any goals for world championships?
Last year I went with the goal of not coming in last, which I achieved. This year, I don’t expect even a top half finish but hope to do sufficiently better than I did last year. Even though it is World Championships, I don’t feel as much pressure as I do in even high school races, my goal is literally just to go as hard as I can and run and shoot better than I did last year.

Any long term goals pursing your sports like running, skiing, or biathlon?
I know, and have always known that I want to go further than just college racing with skiing. I don’t plan on continuing running in college, but skiing definitely. I would love to make JO’s this year and World Juniors sometime in the future.

How was your summer training in the county?
I had such an awesome time training in the county. The coaches there were awesome and we did so many different training activities, like “no-pole double-pole” time trials, mountain bike rides, and mud runs. Everyone’s lives up there are based around skiing and you get such a feeling of community, everyone does everything together. It really was great.

With the additional training any goals for the upcoming ski season?
This upcoming ski season my goal is to qualify for JO’s. Because of the training I have been doing I think I will be a stronger skier this year, and I think that if I continue to train and rest right I just might be able to accomplish it.

What advice would you offer new skiers?
Take every opportunity you can to train for skiing, because every chance you get really will help you to improve. And also learn to listen to your body, if you feel good go harder, but if it is an easy day or you’re tired know when to take it easy or rest. I think it took me six years to finally be able to read my body, but now I can and now I have established a routine (for training, warming-up, and cooling-down) that I think will help me be as successful as I can be.

Any other comments?
I absolutely cannot wait for SNOW!
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