Saturday, November 15, 2008

Canada Backup Plans

Despite favorable weather forecasts, there is still no snow in Canada.  Snow is in the forecast this week but it appears to be more snow showers rather than shovelable snow.  To be prepared for no snow, I want to come up with some possible back up plans.  I have some options listed below. Please give me some input with other ideas you might have.

A: We go north as planned, we bring our roller-skis, hiking boots, and skis.  We hope for improved  snow conditions as the week progresses.  The odds are in our favor for the snow to improve but we need to be prepared for dryland.

B: We cancel session 1 in Quebec.  Moving it to Sugarloaf is a possibility.  We could hike, r-ski, run etc.  It wouldn't be skiing but the kids would have a great time and they'd get valuable training in.

C: We cancel session 1, we have practices after school business as usual.  If the snow improves later in the week, we head to Canada on Wed, 11/26.

D: Cancel the trip to Canada.  Move the whole thing to Sugarloaf.  People going up for the week could day trip it back to their families for the holiday.

E: Forget the trip altogether, practice locally and save money.  It was suggested that we have a XMAS week camp in Canada.  Participation with this could be low because many of the school teams will be doing the same thing.

Lack of snow in Canada happened two years ago.  The kids were disappointed but everyone dealt with it well.  As a group, we went to Sugarloaf on Fri, Sat, and Sun following Thanksgiving.  Even though we didn't have snow, the kids had a blast.  They were away from home, they got some great training in, and they really jelled well as a group.

If there is inadequate snow to train on, our accommodations will be fully refunded.  It's perfectly fine to cancel plans at this point.  The best case scenario would be that it snows this week and we move forward as planned.  

Please let me know what your thoughts are by Tuesday at noon.  With weather and a consensus we can figure out a plan.  

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