Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week of 12/15 Update

White is in the forecast!  With the Eastern Cup this weekend, ensure that you're registered but this Thursday at 5pm.

There will not be a practice this weekend with the Eastern Cup.  I will have a few practices during XMAS break.  I will start around the Monday after Christmas.  I know that many of the high school teams will be having camps  during this time.  

It looks like the forecast for Saturday is cooler with the storm.  As mentioned, racers need to come to the race with their race skis waxed.

Saturday is forecasted to be a high of 15 at TFL, it looks more like LF 7 than HF 8.
Sunday is supposed to be a high 13..use lf7 or lf 4.

For those not going to the race, have a great weekend!

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