Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sunday Practice and Full Moon Ski

Here are a couple of changes/additions for this weekend:

Sunday Practice
The practice for this Sunday is going to revolve around the "Race for those not going to Nationals" race.  The race is being designated as a competitive race for many college type of skiers who did not attend the races in Anchorage this week.  I will be working at the race and would love to see MCN participation.  This will be our practice.  If you're not going to race, watch.  This will be a great chance to see some great skiers close to home.  Pat Cote, the race director, has been real inclusive about having MCN participation.  
Here are a couple of points:
* This is a time trial, it's not an Eastern Cup.  This will be a very laid back affair.
*the distance is 10.4 k, two Gloucester Hill loops
*see all registration requirements at and

The race starts at 9:30, if you show up at the previously scheduled 9:00am time should be adequate.  

Coastsal Nordic Moonlight Ski
There will be a full moon ski, for the whole family on Saturday night at Pineland.  This sounds like a festive affair and the skiing should be great.  This event is being put on by the Coastal Nordic Ski Club, parent organization of MCN.  Jeff Walker has a thorough write-up of the event at

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