Monday, February 2, 2009

Week of 2/2 Update

Jackson coming down the hill (Tara H photo)
Melanie in the zone (Tara H photo)

Congratulations on the Sassi performances this weekend.  It sounded like perfect conditions.  Molly Susla and Nate Niles finished with third and fourth place performances!  Sam Humphries finished 12th overall and qualified as the first J2 finisher who'll represent Maine at the New England J2 festival in  March.  Scott Ross and Jackson Bloch also qualified for the NE J2 team.  On the ladies side, Sarah Abramson continues to show more improvement, finishing at the 6th J2.

The Trapp Family Lodge Eastern Cup is this weekend.  I know that there are at least three MCN skiers attending.  Please email me to confirm that you're going, there are no MCN skiers registered yet.  With the Eastern Cup this week there will not be an MCN practice.  In the next few days I'll post  a schedule.  Good luck this weekend at Western Maine Conference Championships.

Have a good week!


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