Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NH Eastern Cup Info

Freestyle, Interval Start: Oak Hill, Hanover

Roster: Ian Moore, Sam Humphries, Tara Humphries, Sarah Becker, Adele Espy

J2 boys (Sam): 5k start at 11:00 am..15 second interval start..meet me at 10:00am.  I'll try to be at the top of the stairs

J2 Girls (Tara, Sarah): 5k start at 11:15 am...meet me at 10:15am

Saturday Wax probability: SWIX HF 8..I'll apply top coat

Women: Adele Espy
J1's (Adele): women start at 1:00, meet me at 11:30

Classic, Interval Start, Gunstock Cross Country Area
Roster: Sam Humphries, Ian Moore, Nate Niles, Tara Humphries, Sarah Becker

J2 Boys (Sam, Kellan, Ian): race starts at 10:00am, meet me at 8:00
J2 Girls (Tara, Sarah): race starts at 10:30am, meet me at 10:00

J1's (Nate): 12:00 start, meet me at 10:00am

Sunday wax probability: SWIX HF 8, I'll apply top coat

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