Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Week of 2/10 Update

It was a wild weekend at the Trapp Family Lodge event this weekend.  The event was a combined Super  Tour, Eastern Cup, and College Carnival.  Saturday brought hero snow conditions.  There was tons of snow, firm corduroy, and wide conditions.  Basically, the conditions were the best imaginable.  Many skiers took part in the Western Maine Conference championships being held the same day.  Sam Humphries and Molly  Susla took part in the race on Saturday.  Sam finished 7th in the J2 race.  Molly finished 69th overall in the open race. Molly felt great about her race.  She beat many of her future Colby teammates and had success against other skiers who she was skiing behind all season.  

The conditions went from hero on Saturday to zero on Sunday.  Starting around 11pm Sunday night, the air temperature remained at 47 degrees all night long until 8:30am ish.  At that time the temperatures gradually dropped.  Rain dropped during this time as well as snow.  Wind gusts were around 60.  It was a brutal day.  It was pretty much a disaster on the wax front.  Nothing worked.  I heard from the Swix rep today in Providence that 9 of the top 10 women were on waxless skis on Sunday.   My advice, invest in a good pair of waxless skis.  You'll use them two or three times a season, but they will last for several years.

This Saturday, the Coastal Nordic Ski Club is hosting a race at Pineland.  This will serve as our practice on Saturday.  See all race details at  This will be a mellow race with fun being the theme.  For those who have states at the end of the week, this will be a great tune-up.  

I'll have a practice on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday.  The sessions will be from 9:00-10:30.  I plan to freestyle on Sunday and Wednesday.  We'll classic on Monday provided that the thaw does not take the tracks away.
**We will meet at Pineland at the Oak Hill Trailhead for all sessions***

The final Eastern Cup is on 2/22 and 2/23 in Hanover and Gunstock, New Hampshire.  See all details at  

Good luck at the State Championships next week.  Congrats to everyone in the Western Maine Conference championship race that took place on Saturday.  The MCN skiers had great results.    
Hopefully, I'll see a lot of you on Saturday!

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