Sunday, August 2, 2009

Training schedule August 3rd-9th

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a good week and were able to enjoy the relatively nice weather we had. The training camp in Rangeley went really well and hopefully something we can do again next year with even more of you!
I am flying to Florida this Friday 8/7 and won't be back till late Sunday night 8/9. So there will be no team training on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Sorry about that but I hope you still all get out there and practice.

So the training plan for this week will be.

Monday 9/3 - Off
Tuesday 9/4 - 5:30PM Skate roller ski
Total time 1 hour meet at Kelsey Ridge Rd off of Pleasant Hill Rd in Freeport. 
Wednesday 9/5 - 7AM CLassic Roller Ski
Total time 1:30 Meet at Twin Brooks 
Thursday 9/6 - 7:30AM Bounding and ski walking
Total time 1:15 Meet at Bradbury Mtn

Over the weekend try and go for at least 1 roller ski and run. Hope to see you many of you this week.


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