Monday, October 12, 2009

Training 10/13-10/14

Hi Team,

It looks like it is going to rain tomorrow but I think we can manage to go for a classic roller ski anyway! So the plan is to meet at Twinbrooks Tuesday 10/13 at 3:15pm to go for a classic ski and then on Wednesday we will do a skate ski, same place, same time. I also looked at the weather forecast and they said a chance of snow on Thursday night!!! 
I am still getting the total list of Thanksgiving Camp participants and non-participants together and hope to try and book this week. I will not need money this week but I hope to have a better idea of the total price. The price I gave previously is from last year's camp and should be pretty accurate.
Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend! I got to go to Small Point and do work on my family's place, plus close up the house for the winter.  So I am sorry if I haven't gotten back to people on email sooner.


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