Friday, November 27, 2009

11/28 Practice

Hi Team,

Nice job today to all of you who got out and roller skied or got some kind of a work out in while getting dumped on with rain. After looking at forecasts and talking with both Great Glen Nordic Center and Bretton Woods it seems it makes the most sense to hike tomorrow and then try and head to NH on Sunday for a ski.
Saturday- 9:30-11:00AM Lost Valley in Auburn. Bring bounding poles so we can ski walk and do some running on the trails. If people want to figure out a car pool you can email me or each other, and I am sure I can help out as well.
Sunday- 7:30 Leave for Great Glen or Bretton Woods. I am going to check in again with them tomorrow morning to confirm and will let you all know after practice tomorrow.
Once again thank you everyone for being flexible and hope that we get snow here in Maine soon!


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