Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Training

Hi Everyone,

We had a great time up in Presque Isle for the first Eastern Cup of the season and all the skiers did very well! I know some of you are done with school while others have another day or two next week. It sounds like some schools are going on a trip to train somewhere and other teams are not, so below is a training guideline for those that want something to follow. It will be great for you all if you can do it.

Please make sure you have a Pineland Pass or filled out the form and brought in $45 by tomorrow!

12/21 Monday- 3:15-4:30pm Skate Ski at Pineland as a team. 1:15
12/22- Strength double pole and single pole. 1:30
12/23- Skate ski intervals level 4. Do 2 minutes on 3 minutes off by 3-5 sets. 1:30
12/24- Classic ski if possible 1:15. All easy level 1 and 2.
12/25- Off
12/26- Skate intervals Level 3. Do 3 min on 3 min off, 3-4 sets. 1:30
12/27-Long ski classic if possible for 2+
12/28- Off
12/29- Skate with strength 1:45
12/30- Classic intervals level 4. Do 3 minutes on 4 minutes off by 3-5 sets. 1:30
12/31- Skate or run easy 1:15
1/1- Strength classic upper body double and single pole. 1:30
1/2- Skate intervals Level 3. Do 3 min on 3 min off, 3-4 sets. 1:30 (If racing on weekend don't do).
1/3- Long Classic Ski 2:15-2:30.
1/4- 3:15-4:30- Easy team skate ski at Pineland.

Have a great Holiday break and remember it is really important to keep training even without me so you will all have a great race season this winter!


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