Thursday, August 26, 2010

Training August 30- September 6

Hi Team,

I have been doing the fall schedule and will email it out. I am going to be a leader on an outdoor experience trip and will be gone next week from Tuesday to Friday. As a result our last summer practice will be held this coming Monday August 30th. The fall program will then start up on Friday September 3rd. We will have Labor Day weekend off and then meet up on Monday September 6th. This means no long wait between the end of summer practice and the start of fall like there was in the past!
Below is next weeks schedule.

8/30- Monday 7:30-9:30AM Classic Roller Ski at Twinbrooks.
8/31- Tuesday: On your own roller ski, run, bike, or swim. (1.25 hour workout)
9/1- Wednesday: On your own. I would recommend doing a bounding workout, but if you are running already you may want to roller ski. (1.5 hour workout)
9/2- Thursday: Roller ski easy (1.25 hour workout)
9/3- Friday: 4:15-5:15PM Back Bay Run and swim at East End Beach. Meet at the Backbay Parking lot next to Hannaford.
9/4- Saturday: On your own roller ski, run, bike, or swim. (1.5 hour workout)
9/5- Sunday: On your own ski or run for 1 hour.
9/6- Monday 8:00-10:00AM Skate Roller Ski as a team at Pineland.

Hope this helps and look for the fall schedule to follow.

Thank you,

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