Thursday, September 29, 2011

The MCN Board of Directors has decided that it is not possible to have a Maine Coast Nordic fall or winter program in 2011.  Many factors played into this difficult decision.
Maine Coast Nordic is a community based ski program which is made possible exclusively through the support of participating families.  100% of the program funding comes from the fees paid by participating families.  Any young athlete enthusiastic about Nordic skiing was welcome to participate and we take great pride in having seen some of the best skiers in the State training with and mentoring some of the younger skiers new to racing and dry land training.   The program’s many great coaches over the years have helped train Maine State champions, High School & College All-Americans, dozens of other athletes that have gone on to ski in College and a College National Champion.   That said; the program’s greatest achievement has been bringing groups of like minded young athletes together to help make training fun (or more tolerable for some), build camaraderie and a lifelong love of a truly great sport. 
The Southern Maine Nordic community is small.  For the program to work we need athletes and families that are committed to helping to keep the program running.  Unfortunately we have seen too many past participants gravitate towards competing programs and activities and too few new participants and families embrace the program.  In the end the program has become financially unsustainable.   
The Maine Coast Nordic founders developed and built an incredible program that lasted for a decade.  We appreciate the support of all of the families that have helped the program thrive over that period of time.  Maine Coast Nordic will continue to exist in a dormant stage for the time being and could be resurrected if there is ever a desire to do so. 
We wholeheartedly believe that organized group training is more fun and effective than individuals trying to train on their own.  We encourage athletes to seek out group training opportunities, pass on your dedication to the sport onto younger skiers and, most importantly, help others develop a lifelong love of the sport. 
 The few families that have paid their fall 2011 tuition will be fully reimbursed over the next couple of weeks. 
Thanks, the MCN Board of Directors

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