Saturday, February 17, 2007

Great First Day of Final 2007 Eastern Cup

Just a real quick Saturday post race update:

Awesome conditions today in Hanover, NH for the Silver Trot Eastern Cup. Everyone put in a fantastic effort which resulted in great results for everyone! MCN athletes had their best showing in the Eastern Cup season thus far. Here are the preliminary results after todays race:

J1 Womens race: 77 Finishers
Ingrid Knowles: 7th overall
Adele Espy: 13th overall
Holly Whitney:47th overall

J2 Womens race: 26 Finishers
As a J3 Rachel Hall finished 16th in the J2 race

J1 Men's race: 116 finishers
Lucas Milliken 39th overall

Great Job Everyone! I hope the rest of the club has a good Sunday in preparation for the States on Monday!

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