Monday, March 16, 2009

Week of 3/16 Update

Above: Adele in the sprint heat, I believe the B final
Sam tagging off in the relay
Adele in the relay
Molly in the sprint
Sam in the classic
I hope that everyone had a good weekend.  There is still plenty of snow which is great.  Great job to those of you who competed at the J2 Festival this weekend.  Good luck to those who are taking part in the Eastern HS Championships this weekend.

Saturday concluded the 2009 Junior Olympics, it was an exciting day with Team New England crushing the relay field and winning the overall Alaska Cup.  The Maine Coast Nordic skiers had a great impact on the team and its performance.  In the relay, Adele Espy received a gold medal, as her team won the relay competition.  Sam Humphries team finished 5th, scoring valuable points for the team, and Molly Susla's J1 girls team finished 7th.  It was a great experience for everyone out there and the success made it that much sweeter.

Last year after the Alaska JO trip, I made a few conclusions.  This year I drew some of the same conclusions:
*Eastern Cups are the best way to develop as a ski racer.  If you want to be a better high school skier, race against better (or the best) skiers.
*If you ski classic well in New England, you can ski with anyone.
*Club skiers can compete against the best: To steal from the train, if you think you can you will.
*If you can sprint well in New England, you can sprint with anyone.
*If you're thinking big for next year, start now!

We will practice this weekend (SATURDAY, 3/21), from 8:30-10:30am at Pineland.  We'll meet at the Oak Hill trail head and we'll ski freestyle.  I realize that a lot of people will be at EHS Championships and Biathlon Nationals, have fun!

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