Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy July 4th weekend everyone!

I hope you all had a fun long weekend and that you were able to get some training in on your own, while enjoying Independence Day!

The training times for this upcoming week July 6th through the 12th will be the same as last week and as follows:

Monday 7/6 - Off
Tuesday 7/7 - 5:30-6:45PM
Run for 1 hour to 1:15 and Core Strength
Wednesday 7/8 - 7:00-8:30AM
Skate Roller Ski for 1:15 to 1:30(1 hour and 15 min to 1 hour and 30 min)
Thursday 7/9 - 7:30-8:30AM
Classic Roller Ski for 1 hour
Friday 7/10 - 7:30-8:45AM
Run/Bounding with poles 1 hour and strength (bring poles that are just bellow your chest height)

Saturday 7/11 - Off

Sunday 7/12 - 8:30-10:00AM
Classic Roller Ski for 1:30 (1.5 hours)

If you have any questions please email me, and also let me know if you can't make it to a practice. A quick call or email is fine. Let's all hope for good weather this week.


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