Friday, July 24, 2009

July Training Camp!

For those coming up to Rangeley.

We will depart on Monday July 27th at 11:00AM and return at 11:00AM on Thursday July 30th. Cost is $50 which is for gas to get up there and back and food.

The Hall's camp is a rustic camp right on the water of Beaver Mountain Lake, about 6 miles south of Rangeley on Route 4.  Rustic means that although there is electricity and running water, there is no TV, internet or cellphone service (though if you walk to the top of the driveway, you can get cellphone service).  It is a four room camp with one bunkroom that sleeps up to nine, a living room with a pullout couch that sleeps two plus some on the floor, and one more bedroom that sleeps two.  Depending on how many come and the weather, we can set up tents on a tent platform very close by or sleep on the porch.  There are extra mattresses to spread around.

Everyone should bring their own sleeping bag and pillow.  There is only one bathroom, so cleaning off in the lake after workouts probably makes sense.  Since we are right on the lake, there is great swimming.  The shore is rocky, but we have a dock and a float to save those feet.

In terms of food, we can cook inside on the stove or on the gas grill.  It would probably be good for the kids to bring any energy bars, snacks, etc. that they want to have with them.  The running water is from the lake, so we bring in drinking water.  Everyone should make sure to bring at least 1 water bottle. 

In terms of what to bring, here is a start:

- clothes for working out in, including running shoes, ski boots, roller skis and poles. We will not bike but will swim if the weather permits.

- flip flops or something to wear while not training

- sunscreen

- sunglasses

- bathing suits

- towel

- raingear

- water bottle

- sleeeping bag and pillow

- clean dry socks and clothes

- extra layers in case it is cold (it is in the mountains)

- toiletries/personal items

- books or games if you want (there are plenty of games there, too)

- spending money (there is an ice cream stand in town) 

 The phone at the camp is 207-864-2703, 

Molly's cellphone is 207-939-1927, 

Ted's cellphone is 207-749-8242,

Jordi's cellphone is 207-841-2551

 If you have any questions please do call or email me and we can talk more about the plans.



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