Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall Session

Hi Team (and new-comers),

Sorry for not being in touch since our last practice which was a great turn out by the way. I have had a few emails and questions about the fall session and so want to fill everyone in about the schedule. I can be flexible and really want you all to be able to participate so feed back is a good thing here.
What I would like to do this year is have a Monday and Tuesday practice starting on September 14th, so after I have gotten married, and go through November 1st. We could meet after school at 3pm in various locations. I know many of you have running, soccer, or some other fall sport going on during the week but if people can it would be great to get together. I would also like to get some Sunday practices going as well. There are a few weekends Katrina and I will be gone and I will list them below.
9/20; 10/4; 10/24 (All Sundays)
Starting on November first we will be having practice 4 days during the week and then 1 day on the weekend, which is the full fall training period. We will also be offering the Canada Thanksgiving training camp starting on November 22nd through November 29th. People can choose to participate in the first half, second half or whole week of training in Canada. The fall session will wrap up in beginning of December.
This fall session allows enthusiastic skiers to get a strong start on the season and is very effective in tweaking technique and building on the fitness base from the summer. NENSA membership is included.

Fee: $320 if you did not enroll in the summer program.

Fee: $200 if you enrolled in the summer program.

Checks are due Sept 15. Please mail checks to Coastal Nordic Ski Club, PO Box 493, Cumberland, ME 04021

I hope this information is helpful and as always please feel free to call or email me with any questions. I look forward to having as many of you as possible join in on the fun this fall and get into some really good skiing shape!


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