Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Training locations

Hi Team,

Here is the overall fall schedule so people don't have to scroll back in the blog to find it.

October 26th through December 5th 2009 is as follows:

Monday 3:15 - at Twinbrooks, Skiing on Harris Rd, a dead end road with very light traffic.

Tuesday 3:15 - at Pineland, Skiing on the campus loop

Wednesday 3:15 - at Twinbrooks on Harris Rd

Thursday - Off

Friday 3:15 - Pineland

Saturday 9:00AM - Location will move around to keep roller skiing locations or possible hikes a bit more interesting. Maybe Brunswick on the bike path, Freeport's Pleasant Hill Rd, or somewhere else that someone suggests.

Sunday - Off

I have chosen these locations because we know them well and they have very little traffic. I am aware that we will be on the road some days as it is starting to get dark and that is why I think these will be safe areas. MCN also has vests for kids to wear and reflective tape to put on poles. Safety is a big concern for us so please do email if you have any questions or suggestions.
I will still post the week prior what we will actually be doing for the workout, since it changes with how skiers are feeling.


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