Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm back/Schedule change

Hi Everyone,

Thank you very much for your emails and wishes for me to feel better. I think it helped since I am feeling much better and my fever has been down to normal since Wednesday night. I am taking today off of work to try and fully recover since it does take away your energy. Just so you all know I am not 100% sure it was H1N1. I talked with my Doctor who said I should not come in since there is nothing he can do, as well as with the Yarmouth School Nurse. What they both said is that H1N1 is the most prevalent flu virus going around right now so it is most likely that is what I got. Either way 24 hours after your fever has gone down and you are not on any meds you are alright to rejoin society!
I would like to make a change to the Friday's practice schedule so I hope this doesn't mess car pools and people's schedules up to much.

Friday 10/30- 3:15pm Practice at the Falmouth High School Track. We are going to do a 3000 meter running time trial on the track. So bring clothes to warm up, race, and then cool down in. Practice should be over by 4:30pm.


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