Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Training Week

Hi Team,

First of all thank you all for being flexible and sorry this has been so tough.
Since we are not going to Canada due to lack of snow we will be around here and still continue to train. If snow does fall in Maine or New Hampshire we may do a day trip to go and ski but otherwise train around here.

Tuesday 3:15-4:15PM Run at Pineland
Wednesday 9:30-11:00AM Classic Roller ski at Twinbrooks (not Harris Rd!) Strength and bring a lunch at Yarmouth High School. Then a skate roller ski in the afternoon from 1:30-2:30PM.
Thursday- 9:00-11:15AM Classic Roller ski in Freeport.
Friday- 9:00AM Long Hike Place to be determined.
Saturday- 9:00-10:30AM Classic 5km TT at Twinbrooks. Followed by strength.
Sunday- 9:00-11:15- Skate Ski at Pineland.

Hope this works for people and we will make the best of it!


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