Friday, November 20, 2009

Updates and Training

Hi Team,

There are going to be a few changes to the training plan since I am not going to Canada tomorrow but will head up with everyone on Wednesday. So here is the plan.

Saturday (11/21)- On your own 1:30 classic ski. Level 1 and 2 (I know some people are busy in the morning with the Yarmouth Ski Sale and I have my mom visiting!)
Sunday- 9:00-10:30AM Skate ski in Freeport meet at Kelsey Ridge Rd off of Pleasant Hill Rd.
Monday- 3:15-4:30pm Twinbrooks Classic Roller ski with intervals and strength.
Tuesday- Off (Rest, pack and get ready for lots of training the rest of the week)
Wednesday- Meet at 7AM to drive up and then skate ski in the afternoon. Team run in the evening.
Thursday- Classic Ski in the morning, THANKSGIVING and some strength.
Friday- Skate ski in the morning, classic in the afternoon.
Saturday- Classic ski in the morning, skate ski in the afternoon, and some strength.
Sunday- Long classic Ski, then drive home.

Hope this helps for people going to camp and those not attending.
Also for those going to Canada for camp some things to remember are.
Private marked water bottle, towels, sleeping bags if you want since people will be sharing double beds. Any personal snacks, we will have some granola bars.
Please let me know about any specific dietary instructions, and if you are a vegetarian.
Don't come if you are sick! You won't ski much and just get others sick!
I need signed permission slips to go into Canada by Monday.


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