Sunday, November 29, 2009

Training 11/30-12/6

Hi Team,

Today was a great first day on snow! We made the day trip up to Bretton Woods, which ended up getting about a foot of snow on Friday and had some good skiing waiting for us.
This last week you all (Hopefully) trained a lot of hours and we have finished our 4 week cycle with this last week being the biggest. So with team training starting and the beginning of a new 4 week cycle we are going to have a nice easy week coming up on the MCN side of skiing!

Monday- 3:15-4:15pm Twinbrooks. Run and strength.
Tuesday- 3:15-4:15pm Pineland. Classic roller ski and speed.
Wednesday- Off (I have a dentist appointment).
Thursday- Off (I have my class).
Friday- 3:15-4:15pm Meet at the Cumberland Fair grounds by Blanchard Rd and Bruce Hill Rd. Skate roller ski.
Saturday- Hopefully ski on snow!
Sunday- Hopefully ski on snow! More information about this weekend of training will follow when I get a better weather forecast.

Thank you all for being flexible about this whole Thanksgiving break. It was tough with all the changes but seemed to work out pretty well.
I will send out information about the winter session this week so people can make plans for that. I would suggest to everyone that they try at least one Eastern Cup just to see what it is like!


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