Sunday, January 24, 2010

MCN Monday 1/25 Practice

Hi Team,

I know I did not get to work with you all last Monday due to MLK day, but tomorrow's weather forecast is for rain all day. So no MCN group training Monday 1/25. Instead I would recommend you take the day off if you trained both days over the weekend. If you took a day off this weekend or really did not train much then go ahead and train with your school team or do a core/strength workout inside.
Also in the previous post I updated the training plan for anyone that is interested in what to do this week to help get ready for the Sassi race. For the race day I will plan on getting to the Black Mountain at 8am on Saturday and will be there testing wax and letting people know what I find is working well. I know you will all have your coaches there so I don't want to get in the way of that, my role is to help people out as much as I can but not interfere. I will be leaving the race venue just after 10:00am to go to Massachusetts for a meeting.
I know you will all do well in the race on Saturday. Remember to stay relaxed, ski powerfully and with good technique.


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