Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Training Ideas

Hi Team,

Here is a training guideline for the next 3 weeks. I know you are all training with your school coaches so don't do this if your coach has other stuff they want you to do. Also if you do want to follow this check with your coach first and know that people can always email me if they have questions.
The reason I am putting this up here is because some people asked about a day to day training plan.

1/11- Easy ski with technique work. Or off.
1/12- Easy ski with L3 intervals. 2 minutes on and 3 minutes off. 3 times total.
1/13- High School Race
1/14- Short Easy ski or jog 30 min max.
1/15- Ski L4 pickups 5-10 seconds on followed by 50 seconds off. 5-7 times
1/16- Sprints at Rumford.
1/17- Skate Race at Rumford.
1/18- Off (You need a day off some time!)
1/19- Easy ski
1/20- Level 3 workout.
1/21- Easy L1 and shorter ski
1/22- Short Easy ski or jog 30 min max.
1/23- Race at Jackson? If you do this I would do the 30km race at L1 primarily and some L2.
1/24- Off
1/25- Easy Technique ski for about 1:30
1/26- Ski L3 Do 2 minutes on, 3 minutes off. 3-4 sets.
1/27- High School Race
1/28- Easy ski for about 1-1:30
1/29- Short Easy ski 45 min to an hour. Do pickups 5 seconds on and 55 seconds off 5 times.
1/30- Sassi Race!!!
1/31- Depending on training amount some can take day off others go for a long easy ski.

I hope this helps anyone that is interested. Once again don't feel you have to do this training schedule.


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Everett Briggs said...

The headline on 26 December read, "They're united under one banner" (Maine Sunday Telegram).
Today, 20 January 2010, we are all united under the only banner. It reads, "Happy Birthday Jordi!"

Hollie joins me in wishing your skiers well in today's high school race. After they ski away with the top places, we trust the celebrations will extend far into the night. January 20th is a special day. It should be a holiday!

Love ya Jordi and love to Katrina, Everett

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