Sunday, February 21, 2010

Training Plan

Here is a plan for those that are going to be racing in the J2 Championships and for those older skiers February 27th at Sugarloaf is the Eastern High School Qualifier. If you qualify Eastern High School Championships is March 12-14 in Gunstock, NH.

2/22- Easy or off if you raced or trained all week.
2/23- Easy ski 45 min
2/24- L3 intervals 1 min on 2 min off 4 times.
2/25- Off
2/26- Short easy ski with pickups
2/27- Race
2/28- Off for J2 racers (EHSC racers 1 hour ski)
3/1- Technique work with me
3/2- Off
3/3- Easy ski :30-45 min for J2's. (Others L3 2 min on and 3 min off, 3 times)
3/4- Easy ski with pickups. 5 seconds on 55 seconds off. 5-7 times for J2's. (Other's easy 45 min ski)
3/5- J2 race (Others Off)
3/6- J2 race (others easy distance 1:00-1:30)
3/7- J2 race (Others Long easy ski 1:30 or more)
3/8- Off

Hope this helps everyone out and I can do more later if people need to get through the Eastern High School race.


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