Thursday, July 29, 2010

Training August 2-August 8

Hi Team,

We will be doing a little bit bigger week this coming week but nothing you all can't handle.
Also a note for the calendar MCN will run through Monday August 30th. That will be the last day of the summer 2010 program.
Below is the training.

8/2 Monday- Off
8/3 Tuessday- 8:00-9:15AM Strength at Yarmouth High School.
8/4 Wednesday- 7:30-9:30AM Classic Roller Ski at Pineland. Meet at the Ski center. Level 3 Workout.
8/5 Thursday- 8:00-9:15AM Strength at Yarmouth High School.
5:00-6:15PM- Run at Mackworth Island in Falmouth. Bring your bathing suit for a swim afterwards!
8/6 Friday- 8:30-10:00AM Road Bike Ride. Meet at the Falmouth Superintendents office. Or roller ski, run, swim on your own.
8/7 Saturday- Roller ski, run on your own for 1:15-1:30.
8/8 Sunday- 2 Hour Skate Roller Ski on your own or get a friend to join you! I have to go to New York City on Saturday for a gathering for my brother's wedding and won't be back till mid afternoon on Sunday. Sorry to not be there for you all but I do want you to get out and do a full 2 hour Level 1 Skate Roller Ski.

Thank you,

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