Thursday, July 8, 2010

Training July 12-18

Hi Team,

I hope you are all staying somewhat cool in this heat. We had a good run around Back Bay this afternoon doing leg speed but the heat was certainly a factor!
I want to let you all know that we are doing 4 week training cycles, meaning they build each week and at the end of the 4 weeks there is a recovery week. The upcoming week's workouts will be as follows.

7/12 Monday- Off
7/13 Tuesday- Strength 8:00-9:15AM Yarmouth High School.
7/14 Wednesday- Skate Roller Ski 7:30-8:30AM Twinbrooks
7/15 Thursday- 8:00-9:00AM Strength at YHS (Yarmouth High School).
5:00-6:00PM Bounding at Bardbury Mtn
7/16 Friday- On your own bike, run or roller ski for 1:30
7/17 Saturday- On your own bike, run or roller ski for :45-1:00
7/18 Sunday- 8:00-10:00 Road Bike Ride! Meet at Twinbrooks. We will ride over and catch part of the Clam Festival Bike Race. Please let me know if you don't have a road bike and want to join us.

Have a good couple of training days on your own and I look forward to seeing people in Freeport on Sunday.

Thank you,

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