Friday, July 2, 2010

Training July 5-11

Hi Team,

Welcome back to MCN 2010 summer training! Today we had a fun meet and greet followed by a 3o minute jog around Twinbrook. It was great to see a lot of new and old faces and to kick the summer training off! We will not be training as a team over the July 4th weekend but that doesn't mean you can't go out and give your roller skis a test run, go out for a bike or run and enjoy the weekend outside.
Next week we have a full week of training, which is listed below. The junior group will be meeting on Wednesday and Sunday at the same place and time but the length and intensity may vary a little.

Monday 7/5- Off
Tuesday 7/6- Strength at Yarmouth High School. Meet at 8:30AM by the Front Entrance to the school, which is off of Elm Street. We will be done by 10:00AM.
Wednesday 7/7- Pineland Campus 7:30AM-9:00AM. Classic Roller Ski. Meet at the Visitor Center/Nordic Center. If you don't have roller skis yet bring a bike and you can join in.
Thursday 7/8 AM- Strength at Yarmouth High School. Meet at 8:30-10:00.
Thursday 7/8 PM- 5-6 PM Meet at Portland Back Bay Parking lot across the street from Hannaford. We will run around Back Bay and do leg speed.
Friday 7/9- Off. You can bike, run or ski on your own.
Saturday 7/10- Off. You can bike, run or ski on your own.
Sunday 7/11- 8-10:15AM Skate Roller Ski. Meet at Kelsey Ridge Road off of Pleasant Hill Road in Freeport. If you need directions just email or call me.

Hope this helps everyone to have the information out early and I hope you can all make it t the practices. If you have any questions please email me at or you can call me at 841-2551.
Have a fun and safe July 4th weekend.

Thank you,

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