Thursday, August 5, 2010

Training August 9-August 15

Hi Team,

Nice job getting through a big week this week. Now we are going back to an easy week in our 4 week cycle and will start building again but from a higher level already. The training below is for everyone that is not coming to the training camp in Cape Cod. I hope you guys all have a fun week and continue to train well even without me there to push you!

8/9 Monday- Off
8/10 Tuesday- Skate Roller ski for :45 minutes.
8/11 Wednesday- Run for :40 minutes with :12 minutes at Level 3. You can do 4 minutes at Level 3 followed by 4 minutes at level 1 and 2. Do that 3 times. (Level 3 is 165-185 HR) for most of you.
8/12 Thursday- Classic Roller Ski for 1:30 all level 1. (Below 160 HR)
8/13 Friday- 1:30 Bike Ride with Connor if you want. Details to follow.
8/14 Saturday- Skate roller ski for 1:15 with :20 minutes of level 2 and 3 in there.
8/15 Sunday- 8:00-10:00AM We will meet at Pineland for a 2 hour run. All level 1. I will not be there for this workout because I have to go to a wedding in Vermont, but Connor will be there.

Hope this helps everyone and have a great week.


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