Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Training September 7-September 12

Hi Team,

I know many of you are doing fall sports but for those that aren't and want a training plan here is this week's plan. I would recommend those doing a fall sport to try and do the strength workouts with us on Wednesday mornings and the roller ski on Sundays to keep getting ready for the winter.
The training for this week is as follows:

Tuesday: Off since we skied as a team yesterday.
Wednesday: 6:00-6:45AM Strength at Yarmouth High School.
Wednesday PM: Run for :45 minutes -1 hour
Thursday: Classic Roller ski do speed work. Level 3 intervals. 3-5 minutes on followed by equal recovery. Do this 4-6 times. 1:30-1:45 hours total.
Friday: Roller ski for 1:15 hour at level 1 and 2 working on technique. Or you can bike.
Saturday: Skate Roller ski with speed. 1-2 minutes on followed by 3 minutes off. Total work out 1:30.
Sunday: 2:00-4:00PM Classic Roller Ski. Kelsey Ridge Road off Pleasant Hill Rd.

Hope this helps and sorry for getting it out so late.

Thank you,

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