Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall and Winter 2010/2011 Cost

Hi Everyone,
We have decided to have 2 different cost options for the fall so that people can get the most for their money. Last year the cost for the fall and winter was $200 for those that did the summer program and $320 for those that did not do the summer program.
This year we are getting started 3 weeks earlier than last year, and the practices from now till October 24th are scheduled to allow skiers involved in fall sports to participate. Last year the early fall practices were on Tuesday and Wednesdays therefore most fall sport participants could not join in. So for many of you fall sport athletes this means starting fall practices with me 7 weeks earlier than last year!
With the continuity this year from summer to fall, we are asking those who want to do the "early fall" to pay $50 extra, and for those that just want the "late fall and winter" to still pay the $200 or $320.
The $50 for 15 practices is an amazing deal to be able to continue without interruption year round training. I most also note that you cannot just sign up for the "Early Fall" session for $50 and not do the rest of the fall and winter. This is an opportunity for those interested in having continual Nordic training with a coach.

September 3 - October 24 (2 practices a week)= $50
October 26 - November 21 (5 practices a week)= $200(for summer participants) $320(for non summer participants)
* These costs include the winter practices every Monday afternoon durning the high school race season.
Total check amounts you send in will be, $200, $250, $320 or $370. Depending on what you decide to do.

Please mail checks by September 15th to:
Attn: MCN
Coastal Nordic Ski Club
PO Box 493
Cumberland, ME 04021
I hope this helps everyone and I look forward to working with you all this fall and winter.

Thank you,

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