Friday, November 19, 2010

Training 11/22-11/28

Hi Team,

I know people have various different plans for Thanksgiving and know that it is fine to change up your training days to accommodate travel or other plans. This is a general plan for anyone to use.
For those planning on going to Canada with me I will make a decision on Monday night as to if we are going to go or not.

Monday- Off
Tuesday- 3:15-4:30PM Classic Ski at Twinbrooks. We will do some Zone 3 work.
Wednesday- Try to train twice. 1:30 in the morning and then :45-1:00 in the afternoon. (Drive to Canada for those going in the morning and ski in the afternoon). This is a good zone 1 day to work on technique.
Thursday- :45min-1 hour run and strength in the morning. Happy Thanksgiving in the afternoon.
Friday- Double workout. Try and do 2 hours in the morning then about an hour in the afternoon. During the morning workout you can do some short speed. 1 minute on and 3 minutes off at Level 4. Do them 4-5 times. Go easy in the afternoon.
Saturday- Double workout. Ski specific strength in the morning (double pole, single pole, and no pole). Total 2 hours zone 1 and some 2. Run or ski for :45 and strength in the afternoon.
Sunday- Long easy distance ski. 2:30 total.

Remember you can change things around as needed, but the purpose of next week is to get in a lot of training hours and some intensity. Most of the workouts should be at Zone 1 except those speed workouts. Hope this helps as a guide, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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