Monday, November 22, 2010

Canada Trip Cancelled

Hi Team,

We are not going to go to Canada again this year. I have been talking with other coaches up there and some that are thinking of going, as well as looking at the weather and talking on the phone with Foret Montmorency. There is not enough snow for them to groom right now and it is supposed to get warm tomorrow and possibly rain or sleet. I feel it is not worth the time and money to drive to Quebec to ski on only a little bit of snow/rocks.

The plan is to train as a team here and then go to Mars Hill and ski on their man made loop Friday and Saturday coming back Saturday night.

11/22 Monday- Off
11/23 Tuesday- 3:15-4:30PM Twinbrooks classic roller ski. Zone 3. 4 minutes on and 4 minutes off. Do this 3-4 times.
11/24 Wednesday- 8:30-10:45AM Skate ski in Freeport. Meet at Kelsey Ridge Rd off Pleasant Hill Rd. Zone 1.
Wednesday afternoon- Run for 45 minutes easy and do core strength. On your own. You can do situps, pushups, planks etc, without being in the gym.
11/25 Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving. 2 Hour classic Roller ski on your own. Ski zone 1 for a 45 minute warmup and cool down at the end. In the middle do short speed. 1 minute at race pace followed by 3 minutes off. Do this 5-7 times and you can do as part of your ski. You don't have to start and stop at the same place.
11/26 Friday- 7:00AM Drive up to Mars Hill which is south of Presque Isle and has made snow and has nordic skiing. We will ski Friday afternoon and twice Saturday then come back Saturday night.
11/27 Saturday- Ski in the morning and afternoon at Mars Hill. Leave at 3pm to drive home. Arrive home around 8pm.
11/28 Sunday- 9:00-11:00 Jog/Hike at Bradbury Mountain. Bring your bounding poles. (Short poles that come up to your chest level)

Please let me know by tomorrow (Tuesday 11/23) if you are interested in going to Presque Isle on Friday. I will look into rooms but we will have to figure out rides and then costs which depends on the numbers. As with Canada this is not required.
Sorry for the last minute change and thank you all for being so flexible. This is not fun for me either!
Hope to hear from you and that everyone can do something nice for Thanksgiving.


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