Monday, June 6, 2011

MCN Summer Schedule!

Hello Team!

Below is a schedule for the summer program:

Monday-         OFF

Tuesday-        AM:
                     7:15-8:00AM- Strength and core- Both groups
                     8:00-9:30AM - Distance workout -Race group

                     4-5PM- Distance workout - Development group

Wednesday-  AM:
           7:30- 10:00AM - Both groups.


Thursday-     AM:

                    5:00-6:30PM- Distance and core strength- Both groups

Friday -        On your own or off

Saturday-     On your own

Sunday-        AM:
                     If roller skiing:
                     8-10AM Race group
                    10-11AM Development group

                   OR all together if run/hike/bike

This practice schedule will change depending on length and type of workout, but overall it will look like what is listed above.  We will do some roller skiing, running, ski walking/bounding, hiking and biking this summer... this time of year is great for having fun while training and the key is to mix things up!

The program starts the week of June 21st. Since that is the first week off from school for many of you, we will ease into things a little and have practice Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (which is the kickoff  bbq event).  The first few practices will give everyone a chance to see what MCN is all about and also see what group is best for them.  We will then start up with the full practices the following week.

I am looking forward to getting started with practices! It will be a fun summer and a great group!  A major goal of the summer program is to work on your fitness and technique so that you will ski faster in the winter, but a bigger part of it is having fun and doing things without having to worry about upcoming races, exams, or assignments.  

Stay tuned to the blog for more info about the summer camp, etc.

See you soon!

Connor Cushman

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