Thursday, June 23, 2011

Practice schedule- Week of June 27th

Hey Team,

Great first two practices! Both Mike and I are impressed with everyone's willingness to jump right into the routine of training.  I am sure some of you will be a little sore after roller skiing yesterday and doing strength today, so make sure you rest and eat accordingly (lots of protein!).

Below is the practice schedule for next week. Both Devo and Race groups will start practice at the same time, but often do something a little different. This is the general outline of practices to be used for the rest of the summer.

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 8-10AM, Bradbury Mountain State Park, Pownal.
                 Race group:  1-1:20hr run w/poles, bounding/ski walk uphills.  20 min.
                 core strength.

                 Devo group:  run/hike, 20min. core strength and soccer/frisbee.

Wednesday: 8-10AM, Meet at Cumberland Fair Grounds @
                      corner of Tuttle Rd. and Bruce Hill Rd.

                     Race: 1:30-1:45hr  level 1 classic roller ski, work on double pole technique.

                     Devo: 1hr roller ski technique work on flat roads.  Wrap up by 9:30AM.

Thursday: 5:30-7PM, Meet at Twinbrook.  Warmup and strength both groups.

Friday-Sunday: No practice.... Happy 4th of July!  Stay active with easy distance (run, roll, bike, swim).

We will usually have practice on Sundays, but we won't on July 3rd due to the holiday weekend.

Remember, for all roller ski workouts bring your helmet and a bright shirt or vest if you have one. For ALL practices bring plenty of water, a snack, and a dry shirt/ warm clothes for afterwards.

Have a nice weekend!

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