Monday, July 25, 2011

Training and practice schedule for athletes not going to Fort Kent

Hi All-

Below is a training plan and practice schedule for those of you who are not going to Fort Kent this week.

Tuesday, July 26- On your own.
Race: 1:30-1:45 distance, level 1 and 2- trail run or classic roller ski.  Core strength (do some of the activities we have been working on this summer).
Devo: 1 hour easy distance- roller ski, run, or bike.  Core strength (20 minutes).

 Wednesday, July 27- Meet @ Falmouth High School, 7:30AM-9:15AM.
Skate roller ski workout lead by Tim Whiton, former Bates Bobcat, Bowdoin College Assistant coach, and incoming assistant at Gould Academy.
Race: 1:30 skate ski w/ 5-6 min threshold intervals on changing terrain.
Devo: 1 hour skate roller ski- Still trying to find another adult to lead a devo practice

Thursday, July 28- Meet @ Twinbrook, 5:30-7PM.
Both groups- Warmup run, strength workout, soccer game. Practice lead by Bjorn Laukli ( no intro needed!).

Friday- on your own.
Race- Distance bike or run, 1:15.
Devo- Off

Saturday- on your own.
Race- 1:20 trail run with poles or classic roller ski w/natural intervals- ski hard or bound up and over each uphill after warming up for 20 min. Cool down an additional 20 minutes.
Sunday- Long, easy distance- Cross train... go for a hike, bike, run, swim...

Have a great week! Stay active and have fun with training!

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