Friday, July 29, 2011

Practice Schedule Week of 8/1

Hello Maine Coast!

Below is the practice schedule for this coming week (week of August 1).

Monday, August 1- OFF

Tuesday, August 2- Meet at Bradbury State Park. 8:00-10AM.
Hill bounding workout with poles. Core and speedball/soccer.
Race- 1:15 Hour run/bounding. 20 min core, 20 min games.
Devo- 1 hour run with bounding/ski walking. 20 min core, 20 min games.

Wednesday, August 3- Long Hill Rd.  8-10AM. Meet at corner of route 100 and Long Hill Road, North Yarmouth.

Race- 1:45-2 hours, classic roller ski w/ 3x5 min, 30 on/30/off speeds on varying terrain.
Devo- 1:15 hour, classic or skate roll,  w/1x5min, 30 on/off.

Thursday, August 4- Meet at Falmouth Community Park. 5:30-7PM
Circuit Strength and speedball.

Sunday, August 7- Hike and roll combo, location TBD.

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