Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cancellations, Updates, and More!

Hi Team,

Due to Tropical Storm/Hurricaine Irene we are NOT going to hold practice tomorrow.  You never know how hard these storms are going to hit and we are going to air on the side of caution with this one.  Take advantage of a day off... put your legs up, finish your summer reading, and watch the wind and rain from the comfort of your couch. 

The storm looks like it will blow through quickly... so here's next week's schedule:

Tuesday, 8/30- 8-10AM, Bike 'N Bound. Meet at Yarmouth High School Parking lot at 8AM. For those of you with road bikes... easy spin to Bradbury (throw poles, shoes, etc. in the van), then bounding workout, spin back to Yarmouth. For those of you who don't want to ride up we will have the van driving there.

Race: 2 hour total workout. 5x5minutes bounding.
Devo: 1.5 total. 3x5 min bounding.

Wednesday, 8/31- 9-11AM- Meet on rte. 88 by the Pine Grove School (just as you enter 88 from Rte. 1N, you go up the hill and there is a wooded park on the left across from the big stone church. We will meet there.).
Classic Roll ski with focus on even kicking/driving ski forward during kick double pole, 20-30 minutes of double pole following a partner or in a paceline.

Race- 1:45 L1 classic ski w/ 30 minute of double pole.
Devo- 1:20 L1 w/ 20 minute double pole.

Thursday, 9/1- 5:30-7PM. Thursday night sprints!  Head to head skate sprints (250m) to focus on speed development, building speed, and starts. 1 hour skate ski w/ sprints for both groups. 30 hour of core/strength to follow.

Friday/Sat/Sunday- Enjoy the Labor Day weekend with your family. Relax, stay active, look at what you have done for training this summer, evaluate your fitness level and how you feel... learn to listen to your body!

Stay safe tomorrow!

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