Saturday, August 20, 2011

Next week's practice schedule...

Hey Team!

Here is the practice schedule for tomorrow (Sunday, 8/21) and next week. 
Enjoy the weekend!

Sunday, 8/21- Meet at Twinbrooks. 6-7:30PM.
Both groups: Trail run 1-1:15. Sunday night lights speedball game.

Monday, 8/22- OFF

Tuesday, 8/23- MCN beach day! Meet at Crescent Beach in Cape Elizabeth. 9-11AM.
Please try and carpool. Let Mike or I know if you need a ride.
Both groups- 1 hour run w/ relays, beach core, soccer.

Wednesday, 8/24- Meet at the corner of Long Hill Rd. and rte. 100. 8-10AM.
Race- 1:40 skate roll w/ 3-4x 5min threshold.
Devo- 1:20 skate roll w/2x 4 threshold.

Thursday, 8/25- Meet at Pioneer Cemetary (?) Yarmouth @ corner of 88 and Princes point. 5:30-7PM.
Race- 1:15 hour classic roll w/ double pole drills.
Devo- 1 hour classic roll.
Post workout swim.

Sunday, 8/26- Hike, tba.

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